Braille Monitor - April 2019

Vol. 62, No. 4, April 2019

Illustration: All Work and No Play Is  Not What We’re About

Membership in the National Federation of the Blind: Equality, Opportunity, 
and Security through Collective Action by Mark Riccobono

My Journey to Becoming a Member by Jeannie Massay

Trying to Make a Difference by Barbara Pierce

From Member to Memorable: Rachel Olivero’s Legacy of Love by Mark Riccobono

Membership is a Beach: The Water is Nice, but the Sand is Good Too by Stephanie Cascone

Leave a Legacy

Dogs, Donuts, and Much, Much More by Gary Wunder

Reflections on My Hook by Barbara Loos

My Experience of Being a Member of the National Federation of the Blind by Chris Walker

Finding My Place, Accepting the Challenge, and Helping Others 
as I Have Been Helped by Pam Allen

Why I am a Member! by Everette Bacon

An Ongoing Commitment: Why I Joined and Why I Continue My Work 
in the National Federation of the Blind by Daniel Garcia

The Importance of Building Membership: My Commitment to NABS and the Broader Federation Community are the Same by Rilee Sloan

Why a Sighted Person Would Dedicate So Much of Her Energy to 
the National Federation of the Blind by Carlton Walker

The Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarship Fund by Allen Harris


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