Braille Monitor - August/September 2019

Vol. 62, No. 8, August/September 2019

Illustration: All Work and No Play—Not Happening

The 2019 Convention Roundup by Gary Wunder

Presidential Report 2019 by Mark A. Riccobono

Meet the 2019 National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Class

Choice, Exploration, and Resistance: The Road to Freedom for the Blind by Mark A. Riccobono

Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards Presented by James Gashel

Awards Presented at the 2019 National Convention 

Digital Inequality and the Myth of Injustice: Equal Access for the Blind May Not Be Delayed by Eve Hill

A Platform for Information and Innovation: Insights into the Aira Ecosystem in Partnership with the Blind by Suman Kanuganti

The American Action Fund Celebrates a Century of Service for the Blind by Barbara Loos

American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults: A Century of Innovation, a Century for the Blind by Marc Maurer

Leave a Legacy

Braille Carnival: A Swimming Success by Julie Deden

Be My Eyes Partnership Announcement by Will Butler

Perspectives on Raising the Bar in the Blindness Field: Why a New Accreditation System? by Emily Coleman

Not Without Question: The Difference of the Federation Philosophy in Our Lives by Jean Brown

The 2019 Convention Resolutions: A Guidepost on Our Road to Freedom by Sharon Maneki

National Federation of the Blind 2019 Resolutions

Convention Miniatures

Monitor Miniatures