Braille Monitor - July 2019

Vol. 62, No. 7, July 2019

Illustration: Art Coming Out from Behind Glass Displays

Creating a More Perfect Union: The Role that a More Perfect JTB Law Symposium Can Play by Gary Wunder

When Two or More are Gathered: The Power of One with a Multiplier by Adelmo Vigil

Leave a Legacy

The Injustice of Disability-Based Subminimum Wages by Justin Salisbury

The Gem of Rocky Bottom by Shelley Coppel

Dr. James Nyman: An Unconventional Man Embracing Unconventional Solutions by Fredric Schroeder

The Buzzsaw, the Plumber’s Skillet, and the Montana City Hardware Café by Dan Burke

The Best of Both Worlds: The QBraille XL Almost Perfectly Blends a Braille Display and a USB Keyboard by Karl Belanger


Monitor Miniatures