Braille Monitor - June 2019

Vol. 62, No. 6, June 2019

Illustration: Paws for Celebration


Let Us Play Us: Starting Down the Road to Equality on Stage and Screen by Julie McGinnity

How Do You Get Around? There’s No One Strategy to Get There by Sheri Wells-Jensen

How People Who Get It Done Get It Done by Gary Wunder

The Changing Landscape of Accessible Voting at the Polls by Lou Ann Blake

Regarding the Colorado Center for the Blind and My Experience by Luc Gandarias

Leave a Legacy 

Social Butterflies at Convention by the Communications Team

Blindness, Dual Disabilities, and Aira by Eric Duffy

A Blind Man Whose Business Was Doing Business by Peggy Chong

Can I Have an Able Account if I am Forty-Fifty-Sixty Years Old? by Albert Elia

Botany: Growing Plants, Growing Strategies, and Growing People by James Beck


Monitor Miniatures