Braille Monitor - May 2019

Vol. 62, No. 5, May 2019

Illustration: Extending Accessibility in Financial Options for the Blind

An Outside Expression of an Inner Conviction by Kathryn Webster

Celebrating 100 Years of Success by Julie Deden

Freedom Foundation Honors Twin Vision®

Kindness is Greater than Fear: Changing Access Denials by Finding the Roots of Conflict by Sassy Outwater-Wright

Big Opportunities in a Small Town: Thinking Outside the Box by Dennis Miller

Leave a Legacy

Facts About Blindness . . . According to Me by Joe Orozco

Opening New Doors in Tactile Art with the Help of Arts in Society by Ann Cunningham

The Power of Commitment by Nancy Burns

Seminar for Computer Beginners by Curtis Chong

Shaking Things Up by Jim Marks

Child Care During National Convention: NFB Camp Infused with BELL Academy Activities by Carla McQuillan

Blindness Skills: The Only Sure Bet in Vegas! by Carlton Walker

Sharing a Room at Convention and How to Survive it with a Smile by Grace Warn

See You in Washington at the Convention by Kenneth Jernigan


Monitor Miniatures