Braille Monitor - October 2019

Vol. 62, No. 9, October 2019

Illustration: Bells Ringing throughout the Nation

Accessibility and Accountability: Drive-by Lawsuits Leave Pothole-size Problems by Chris Danielsen

Bringing the Synergy of the Blindness Movement into Concentrated Programs: Blindness Initiatives at the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute by Anil Lewis

Global Leadership, Responsibility, and Technology: Accessibility as a Core Value at Microsoft by Brad Smith

Cambiandos Vidas en la Frontera de Tejas by Norma Crosby, Daniel Martinez, Hilda Hernandez, and Raul Gallegos

Leave a Legacy

The Driverless Revolution: Setting a New Standard for Transportation and Technology by Kyle Vogt

Autonomous Vehicles: Establishing Strong Policy for America’s Transportation Future by Dave Schwietert

Led by the Blind: Bringing Authenticity to Services for the Blind and Making Them Relevant to the Lives We Want to Live by Bryan Bashin

Competing on Terms of Equality and Blending in: Government Service with Federation Style by Kristen Cox

World’s Number One Card Game for the Win by Stephanie Cascone

Meagan’s Guide to Stylish Farewells: On Coming to Terms with Vision Loss by Meagan Houle

The Right of Blind People to Serve on Juries Comes to the Court

Exhibitors’ Showcase Review by Jessica McLeod and Mark Jones


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