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Braille Music Resources

"The ability to read and write music, therefore, is the cornerstone for anyone who is planning to make a serious commitment to the art. A blind student needs to have that ability just as much as his sighted peers."

David Goldstein, Director
National Resource Center for Blind Musicians

Watch the new Braille Music video.

Braille Music and Technology

Braille Music Kit
A plug-in for Finale for Windows that allows the creation of Braille music scores

Dancing Dots Music and Accessibility Products and Services
scores, listen to results or convert to Braille music with GOODFEEL®. Play musical ideas into PC. Convert to print notation, Braille score, or audio.

Opus Technologies
Software and Braille music resources

Provides Braille transcription from MIDI and NIF files. It incorporates a notation editor and sequencer and displays the translated Braille indexed to the original score.

Education and Listservs

Braille Beats
Summer residential intensive program for children age nine through high school. It teaches Braille music, art, yoga, and independent living. Participants attend classes in voice, keyboard, and instruments, and integrate Braille music into practical performance situations.

Chart of Braille music symbols (BRF)
Chart of Braille music symbols (PDF)
Compiled by Jennifer Dunnam
Helpful as an introduction

Course for teachers of Braille music at UMASS Boston

Marcus Roberts Homepage
Illustrious jazz musician who reads Braille music and promotes Braille literacy

Measure for Measure: Achieving Equality through Braille Music Literacy
National Federation of the Blind Braille music literacy promotion video, coming soon

Music Education Network for the Visually Impaired
Listserv and Braille music resources especially for students, educators, and parents

National Federation of the Blind Musicians Listserv

National Federation of the Blind Performing Arts Division listserv

National Resource Center for Blind Musicians
Articles, lists of resources, and information about summer training in Braille music and technology for blind music students

Southern California Conservatory of Music (SCCM)
Provides private instruction to blind and sighted students at preparatory, conservatory, and adult levels. Its Braille Music Division teaches Braille music and prepares musicians to compete at the highest levels, and it "houses one of the most comprehensive music reference libraries in Braille." 


Resources for Helping Blind Music Students
by Mary A. Smaligo
Future Reflections, Spring 1999

LEARNING AND TEACHING BRAILLE MUSIC: Resources, Explanations, and Pointers for Student and Teacher
by David Goldstein
National Resource Center for Blind Musicians

Music Education: Not Just a Frill
by Dr. Ralph Bartley and Karen McDonald
Future Reflections: Convention Report 1997

Music in Education
by Richard Taesch
California Transcribers and Educators of the Visually Handicapped, Inc., Journal, Spring 2008
Available as Microsoft Word Document
Includes fun introduction to Braille music for groups to do together

The Literacy Movement - What Does Braille Music Have to Do with It?
by Richard Taesch
National Resource Center for Blind Musicians

Where to Find Braille Music Scores

Alternate Text Production Center
Online catalogue of Braille selections for download

Contact Zoilo Lara de Toledo at
Fundacao Dorina Nowill para Cegos
Rua Dr. Dlogo de Faria, 558 - V. Clementina
04037 Sao Paulo
Braille music resource in Brazil

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB Library) or
Includes braille music scores

Danmarks Blindebibliotek
Teglvaerksgade 37
2100 Kobenhavn 0
Braille music resource in Denmark

La Bibilioteca Italiana i Ciechi
Via G. Ferrari 5/A
Monza 20052
Braille music resource in Italy

Louis database
A catalogue of Braille music scores including those from American Printing House and other agencies

National Braille Association
List of certified Braille music transcribers

National Library Service of the Library of Congress (Music Section)
Music section with more than 16,000 titles. Also houses National Braille Association's collection. Includes music catalogue, instructional materials, and list of certified Braille music transcribers.

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), UK
Braille music scores to loan and purchase.
A list of international organizations who produce or loan braille music is maintained by RNIB at

Schweizerische Bibliothek fur Blinde und Sehbehinderte Braille Press Zurich Albisriederstrasse
400 Postfach
CH-8047 Zurich
Braille music resource in Switzerland. The Swiss have a 114 page print catalogue from 2001.  

SVB Studie-en vakbibliotheek voor visueel en andrszins gehandicapten
Molenpad 2 1016 Gm Amsterdam Netherlands
Tel. +31-206266465
Fax. +31-206208459
Resource for Braille music in the Netherlands

Verein zur F'rderung der Blindenbildung
26, Blekstrasse, Hannover (Germany)
Tel. +49-511-954650
Fax. +49-511-9546580
Braille music resource in Germany