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Available Online:Twin girls travel with their canes.

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  • Education and Rehabilitation for Empowerment
    by C. Edwin Vaughan and James H. Omvig (2005)
    Order Information: Item LSA006; Braille: $50.00; C2/C4: $10.00; Print: $15.00 | Order Now
          Read a Review of Education and Rehabilitation for Empowerment!
  • Independent Movement and Travel in Blind Children: A Promotion Model
    by Joseph Cutter
    Order Information: Item LSA104; Print; $30.00 | Order Now
  • Jargon and Research--Twin Idols in Work with the Blind 
    Order Information: Item LBJ00; Braille/Print; No Charge 
  • Mobility: Blind Instructors? 
    Order Information: Item LBM07; Braille/Print; No Charge 
  • Modular Instruction for Independent Travel for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
    by Doris Willoughby and Sharon Monthei
    Order Information: Item LSA01; Print; $20.00 | Order Now   
  • Structured Discovery Cane Travel 
    Order Information: Item LBS58; Print; No Charge 
  • Techniques Used by Blind Cane Travel Instructors--A Practical Approach: Learning, Teaching, Believing
    by Maria Morais, Paul Lorensen, Roland Allen, Edward C. Bell, Arlene Hill, and Eric Woods          
    Order Information: Item LSA64; Braille/C4/Print; $3.00 | Order Now

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