2018 Winners

The National Federation of the Blind's 2018 scholarship program winners are rising stars in academic excellence, community service, and leadership.

As scholars in many diverse fields, they are demonstrating that blindness is not the characteristic that defines them or their future.

The winners, listed below, were announced July 8, 2018 during our national convention in Orlando, Florida.

The thirty scholarship winners from 2018 pose for a group shot at the 2018 National Convention.

Pictured above are the 2018 scholarship program winners; back row from left to right are Matthew Turner, Tasnim Abdulsalam Alshuli, Elizabeth Rouse, John E. Harrison, Tyron Bratcher, Chrys Buckley, Paige Young, Shane Lowe, Eric J. Harvey, and Sarah Beth Patnaude; middle row from left to right are Harry Staley Jr., Sara LaVel Mornis, Yasmine Marie Sarraf, Trisha Kulkarni, Justin Heard, Seth Lowman, J.D. Humphrey, Cathy Tuton, Olivia Charland, and Naim Muawia Abu-El Hawa; front row from left to right are Alexandra Florencia Alfonso, Connor James Mullin, Purvi Contractor, Amanda L. Lannan, Caitlin Sarubbi, Kenia Flores, Ozgul Calicioglu, Rilee Sloan, Menuka (Jyoti) Rai, and Millad Bokhouri.

Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship Winner

Harry Staley, Jr. Harry Staley, Jr.
Home state: Texas 
Career goal: Autonomous vehicle development

Charles and Melva T. Owen Memorial Scholarship Winner

Chrys Buckley

Chrys Buckley
Home state: Oregon
Career goal: Physician

Oracle Scholarship for Excellence in Computer Science Winner

Trisha Kulkarni Trisha Kulkarni
Home state: Ohio
Career goal: Software engineer

Oracle Scholarship for Excellence in a STEM Field Winner

Ozgul Calicioglu Ozgul Calicioglu
Home state: Pennsylvania
Career goal: Environmental sustainability specialist

JAWS for Windows Scholarship Winner

Kenia Flores Kenia Flores
Home state: North Carolina
Career goal: Civil rights attorney

Pearson Scholarship Winner

Shane Lowe Shane Lowe
Home state: Kentucky
Career goal: Cyber security and business administration

Mimi and Marvin Sandler Scholarship Winner

Elizabeth Rouse Elizabeth Rouse
Home state: Iowa
Career goal: Attorney

NFB STEM Scholarship Winner

Cathy Tuton Cathy Tuton
Home state: Oklahoma
Career goal: Dietician

Expedia Scholarship Winners

Tasnim Abdulsalam Alshuli Tasnim Abdulsalam Alshuli
Home state: Arizona
Career goal: Professor
Caitlin Sarubbi Caitlin Sarubbi
Home state: New York
Career goal: Physician

E. U. and Gene Parker Scholarship Winner

Sarah Beth Patnaude Sarah Beth Patnaude
Home state: Virginia
Career goal: Victim’s advocate

Charles and Betty Allen Scholarship Winner

Matthew Turner Matthew Turner
Home state: Idaho
Career goal: Economics and technology

Adrienne Asch Memorial Scholarship Winner

Eric J. Harvey Eric J. Harvey
Home state: California
Career goal: Near East cultural specialist

NFB Scholarship Winners

Naim Muawia Abu-El Hawa Naim Muawia Abu-El Hawa
Home state: Virginia
Career goal: Diplomat
Alexandra Florencia Alfonso Alexandra Florencia Alfonso
Home state: District of Columbia
Career goal: Music, education, and pre-law
Millad Bokhouri Millad Bokhouri
Home state: Pennsylvania
Career goal: Medical program designer
Tyron Bratcher Tyron Bratcher
Home state: Maryland
Career goal: Rehabilitation counselor
Olivia Charland Olivia Charland
Home state: Massachusetts
Career goal: Conservation biologist
Purvi Contractor Purvi Contractor
Home state: Texas
Career goal: Aerospace
John E. Harrison John E. Harrison
Home state: Wisconsin
Career goal: Advocate
Justin Heard Justin Heard
Home state: Georgia
Career goal: Teacher
J.D. Humphrey J.D. Humphrey
Home state: Michigan
Career goal: Ethnomedicine
Amanda L. Lannan Amanda L. Lannan
Home state: Florida
Career goal: Teacher education
Seth Lowman Seth Lowman
Home state: Idaho
Career goal: Sound design and music production
Sara LaVel Mornis Sara LaVel Mornis
Home state: Vermont
Career goal: Writing and psychology
Connor James Mullin Connor James Mullin
Home state: New Jersey
Career goal: Cane travel instructor
Menuka (Jyoti) Rai Menuka (Jyoti) Rai
Home state: North Dakota
Career goal: Physical therapist
Yasmine Marie Sarraf Yasmine Marie Sarraf
Home state: Arizona
Career goal: Forensic scientist 
Rilee Sloan Rilee Sloan
Home state: Oklahoma
Career goal: Attorney
Paige Young Paige Young
Home state: Maine
Career goal: Business administration